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What Risk Do Migratory Fowl Pose to Pastured Poultry Health?

May 13, 2022 Continuing from yesterday with our conversation, Are the Bauman Birds at risk of Avian Flu? We covered the need for clean, fresh air for flocks. Now, we'll explore what risk migratory fowl pose to pastured poultry health. Migrating Birds While the chicken corporations mass euthanize birds by the hundreds of thousands they deflect the narrative by pointing to the "backyard" farmers who keep their chickens outside and are exposed to potential dropping from infected wildfowl flyovers. Did you ever wonder how the geese poo can get inside those big ole giant chicken barns? Even the Bauman Birds [...]

Are Bauman Birds at Risk of Avian Flu?

May 11, 2022 Avian Flu vs the Bauman Birds. Poultry holds a very special significance for us Baumans. It’s what we built Cedar Valley Farms on way back in 2001 when we jumped with both feet into farming with a ludicrous combination of 40-year-old parents, six young kids, no farming experience to speak of, and only 160 acres of land. Our birds are pasture-raised and non-GMO fed right here on our farm in Garnett, KS and hand-butchered in our USDA-inspected on-farm poultry processing facility. The Avian Bird Flu has been a hot topic for the news with this year’s outbreak. [...]

Avian Bird Flu & Rising Prices

April 26, 2022 Our prices will rise soon, but this won't be because of the Avian Bird Flu! I just received a photo from my friend Jill that completely shocked me! The snapped picture was of completely bare shelves in an Overland Park meat department. You're possibly not surprised, you've been seeing this for a while, but I tend to get buried in farmwork and actually don't spend much time in the grocery stores. That photo was in large contrast to my freezer on the farm!     Here at the Bauman Farms, we didn't know there was an egg [...]


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