Naked Wingettes


Naked Wingettes come in 1.6 pound package on average.

Bauman’s Authentic Chicken Wingettes from our own pasture-raised chicken.
We pick up the chicks at the hatchery, feed them non-GMO grains we’ve raised and ground ourselves, place them out onto green grass as soon as they are feathered, move them daily to fresh pasture, hand-butcher them on our farm’s USDA-inspected facility. Get our favorite WING RECIPE.

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Naked Wingettes come in 1.6 pound package on average.

We’re happy to share our pal Ken’s ‘No Longer a Secret’ wing recipe. According to his wife, Ken would order our wings by the pallet if they had the freezer space!
One thing we really like about Ken’s method is that you have the option of pre-baking the wings. This not only helps with the game day time-crunch, but it also guarantees that crispy skin which is a hallmark of a fabulous wing!
Let us know if you try this recipe!


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