Our farm is diversified because, as a family, we all have diverse interests and skills. Steven is the Duck Champion. Since age 12 he has had his own little duck project. We love ducks because they’re cute! :)

Seriously, doing chores is so much more fun when the animals you’re serving make you smile! Steven raises his ducks on pasture (of course) and feeds them our own special duck grain that’s non-gmo & non-medicated (of course). Being ducks, they also need a splash tub to clean themselves (which is a REALLY good reason to move them to fresh grass every day! Otherwise they would quickly have a pigsty!)

And since Steven was raising meat ducks, that meant we needed to process them…. NOT an easy task! Ducks take 4 times longer to butcher than a chicken, and yield the same amount of meat. And did we mention that ducklings are also quadruple the price of chicks? While ducks are more costly to raise, the end result: 100% dark, moist meat with a fat cover that self-bastes! The end result is worth it! This is our only duck batch for the season, so grab yours now!


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