What happens when your customers make an ask???
…You make their ‘Polish Pork Candy’ Dreams Happen!

Grilled Pork Cottage Steaks

POLISH GRILLED PORK SHOULDER or KARKÓWKA Z GRILLA with Kansas-raised pastured pork cottage steaks?

To be honest, I had no clue.
And that’s what I love about our farm model: I learn so much from our Farm Fans!

One of our customers had commented that our famous Cottage Bacon reminded him of this Karkowka z Grilla, which is a Polish style pork cutlet, tenderized and grilled.
I was intrigued, but no no intentions of recreating the meat cut. UNTIL . . .


This week we had cottage roasts that were far too large to make cottage bacons out of… and some far recess of our brain remembered… Karkowka!

So we tenderized these cottage steaks, you can grill them, in the recommended recipe BELOW, or pan fry.

These are similar to pork cutlets, only much more marbled. The extra fat on these thin cuts enables the meat to cook quickly yet still stay moist!

Let us know what you think….

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Pasture-Raised Pork

We truly believe that raising hogs on pasture benefits the farmers, animals, and the land…
Pastured animals are free to express their natural behaviors. They’re less stressed and get along better with each other and with handlers.
Pigs that forage have access to a diverse array of plants and insects that keep them healthy and entertained. Pigs are smart and need variety.
Grazing animals help regenerate pastures when managed properly. Animals consume or trample weeds, and their manure is a valuable fertilizer.
PLUS our hogs receive only non-GMO feed.

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Anna’s Polish Grilled Pork Shoulder or Karkówka z grila

We’re happy to share Anna’s, of Polish Your Kitchen recipe for Polish Grilled Pork Shoulder or Karkówka z grila [kahr-coov-ka z gree-lah]! She says, “This paired greatly with warm and tangy fried red cabbage with apples, and it would also go great with fried cabbage,  a perfect Polish veggie salad  or a delicious Polish potato salad.”

Please visit Anna’s BLOG and check out her COOKBOOK. And let us know if you try this recipe!


2-4 Bauman Tenderized Pork Cottage Steaks



Garlic, 1 clove per steak




  1. Pat tenderized Cottage Steaks dry.
  2. Peel garlic, about 1 small clove per cutlet, and put it through a garlic press or mince. Sprinkle each cutlet with a pinch of salt, pepper, paprika, marjoram and garlic. Place in a bowl and refrigerate overnight or for a couple of hours.
  3. Grill over medium heat until the fat melts and meat is golden brown – See the grill-master’s thoughts and instructions below.

So I love grilling, like I REALLY love grilling. So when my wife told me how she wanted me to treat these lovely pig parts I was pensive to say the least. But as the saying goes, happy wife….etc, etc.

I set the grill up for indirect cooking, which means that all the coals are placed on one side of the grill. This allows for an oven like setting on one side, and a hotter than Hades side on the opposite.

I started the cutlets on the non-coal side to allow the meat to cook through and melt off as much fat as possible before transferring the porky goodness to the hot side. I kept the lid on the entire time in order to keep the fat from flaring up and burning the meat.

Since the meat is so thin, this is not a set it and forget it type of a situation. I didn’t allow the meat to sit too long so as to ensure I sort of crisped the cutlet, yet not allow it to burn.

In the end, they came out wonderful. It is not the medium to medium rare cuts that I am used to, but they were still moist with crispy edges. Lots of Polish fun!

KARKÓWKA Z GRILA from Anna at Polish Your Kitchen