Meet MIC, your Meat Investment Card
Meet MIC, your Meat Investment Card

What is a MIC?

MIC, pronounced like Mike, is a Meat Investment Card.
With a Meat Investment Card you invest in your family’s food future and support our growth while earning immediate interest on your investment dollars.

Choose how much you want to invest and EARN . . .
Cards are available in either a $300 or $600 investment.
$300 cards earn 3% instantly.
$600 cards pay back 6% immediately.

Buy what you want, when you want . . .
No tricks, only treats!
Invest $300 and your card is loaded with $310 in shop credit.
Invest $600 and your card is loaded with $636 in shop credit.
Plus MIC cardholders get first dibs on new product inventory and releases.
In fact, come Turkey Time, you get to cut to the front of the line with MIC to reserve your turkey before anyone else!

Getting my MIC?

We make it simple to invest in your future food AND your favorite farmer/butcher!
You have only two decisions to make…

  1. Amount: $300 with instant 3% interest OR $600 with the 6% bonus.
  2. Format: Old school or digital? Pick the attractive reloadable card or go virtual with the digital version.

Once you’ve decided, head to the Shop and order your MIC.
Then just come see us at a Winter Pickup and pay with cash or check.
You’ll walk away a little bit richer with your MIC!

How do MICs Work?

You use the Pre-Order Shop, just like before.
And then at Pickup, you use your MIC to pay. This is true of both the card and digital version.
Check your MIC balance at anytime on the gift card portal.

Anything else I need to know about MICs?

When investing in your MIC, pay by cash or check. 
This is one of the ways we can offer such a good return on your investment.
Did you know that there are transaction fees each time you swipe your credit card? We pay between 2-3% in processing fees : (
By paying for your MIC with cash or a check, we can pass that savings on to you plus a little bit more!

There’s no expiration or minimum monthly order commitment.
That’s right, it’s shopping as usual. Spend your MIC dollars this winter or use them during the upcoming market season.
Buy whatever you want, whenever you want it!