Our special FRESH offerings explained

Got Fresh Meat?
The Baumans do!
Since we’re the farmer AND the butcher, we are able to closely coordinate our butcher dates with market times and snag some select pasture raised cuts for the ultimate local meat experience!
You’ve maybe heard how fresh meat is better. Of course, that’s only fresh never frozen Meat, not fresh and thawed back out meat. but we aren’t going to get into the fake-fresh Meat right here… It’s true!
Truely fresh meat does have a flavor difference, however, it’s not always PRACTICAL.
You have to plan ahead with your meals and purchasing. ( where’s that cooler?) Oops, no time left for cooking tonight! Guess I’ll have to toss that fresh meat in the freezer…
If that’s your soundtrack, you’ll appreciate that we’ve found a way to make Fresh Meat at market practical and easy!
Limited fresh.
We select one cut from that week’s butchery and save it from the frost breathing freezer!
Preorder to guarantee selection, only a small amount goes to market for grab n go sales.

All other products listed are from prior weeks FRESH, NEVER FROZEN special offerings.


Bauman's Authentic FRESH pastured pork Tomahawk Chops

Perfect combination of meat, fat, and bone to lock in the moisture and flavor of the chop!

Tomahawks more than just a pretty cut…they’re guaranteed to be tender with outstanding flavor.

Tomahawk Chops are bone-in chops that combine the loin and rib.
Definitely a showstopper on the grill and plate.
And oh so tender.

It’s so big you may consider sharing, but after you taste it, you may not want to!

And this week only, fresh, never frozen!

Grab ‘em before they are gone!

Fresh, never frozen, Bauman Authentic pasture-raised Chicken Leg Quarters

Who didn’t LOVE chicken drumsticks as a kid?
No fussing with knives and forks . . . just pick ’em up and chomp away!
As grown-ups, though, we’re well practiced with the cutlery AND maybe crave a little more meat than a chicken leg alone has to offer, right?
This is why Leg Quarters are where it’s at!
Juicy dark meat packed with flavor.
If you’ve got the time, leg quarters soak up a great marinade like this or this when left for hours in the fridge.
Ready to eat today? Go for a rub and toss on the grill in minutes. (This rub looks great, too. Or if you’re doing Keto, check out this.)
And THIS WEEK ONLY you can grab FRESH Leg Quarters!
Our chicken is never pre-brined, injected with fillers, or treated with preservatives. Just the best pasture-raised, fresh never frozen chicken you’ve ever tasted!

Bauman's Authentic Club Steak, a Bone-In KC Strip

Limited edition sale of our signature Bauman Authentic Steak…but better!
New to the Club Steak? It’s a KC Strip, but with the bone left in…
Why bone-in?  The bone gives it support and boosts flavor!
And what about that fat?  Not only does the fat protect the steak during dry aging, it crisps up beautifully on the grill – fat is where the flavor is!

BUT we’re taking this steak to the next level this week only.
What’s more he-man than a Club Steak?
A Dad-sized FRESH Club, of course.

Fresh Club Steaks are cut extra thick!
Instead of our standard 1 inch cut, the Fresh Clubs average between 1.5 and 1.75 inches thick and clock in at 1.5 pounds.

And we’ve stepped up our dry aging game!
Choose between 32 days or 12 days:
32 Days: more tender with a more intense beefy flavor.
12 Days: the classic balance of tenderness and flavor you’ve come to expect from Bauman’s beef.