From Uganda with Love . . . Bauman’s Coffee!

I must confess that the first coffee I ever tasted that I actually liked was in Uganda.

I had NO idea that good coffee isn’t bitter!

Little did I know what that first sip would lead to . . .

We bet you’re wondering just how in the world did a KANSAS farming family develop their own coffee line?

You might have noticed that a couple of our farmhands are from Uganda. Frank and Tom love to go to market with us! Of course, their family raises coffee on micro-plantations back home.

As a small, sustainable farm ourselves, we quickly identified with the challenges of our friends growing small plots of coffee without the aid of chemicals.

We were saddened to discover that even specialty coffees come largely from “estates” – giant coffee plantations, many of which are corporately owned.

The small-holder coffee farmer had no real access to good markets. They were largely at the mercy of the coffee buyers who came out to their villages in the country. This meant they often sold their premium crops below the cost of production to these middlemen.

So we hired our own coffee pickers and visited the farmers that we knew had the best growing practices.

Receiving a fair price for their harvest allows these farmers to invest in their families’ healthcare and education, reinvest in quality, and protect the environment.

We wanted to be able to share with our customers a taste of authentic, quality coffee from trusted and transparent sources.

It’s a journey, but one well-worth taking!

Bauman’s Coffee: Where does it come from?

Members of our family have traveled to Kirinda, Uganda and its surrounding communities several times over the past few years. Below are photos of harvesting, test roasting, and packaging samples.

Harvesting Coffee in Uganda
Roasting Coffee in Uganda
Packaging Coffee in Uganda

Did You Know? Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee plant. The pit inside of the fruit is called a cherry.

Bauman’s Coffee: From Uganda to You!

The Baumans work with farmers in Central Ugandan villages – Kalaga, Busabala, and Nakkiisi – to import green coffee beans, have them roasted at Lawrence’s Repetition Coffee, and offer a Coffee CSA. All three varieties of ‘From Uganda with Love’ coffee are available in the PRE-ORDER SHOP both as ground or whole bean.