V-Day Meals Worth Making. . . You’ve got this!

VALENTINE'S DAY Since making reservations isn’t really on the table for this year, we’re here with some local farm to table inspiration… Show me the 100% Grassfed Steaks BEEF GRASSFED, GRASS-FINISHED, DRY-AGED STEAKS Did you know one of the BEST methods to prepare our [...]

V-Day Meals Worth Making. . . You’ve got this!2021-02-11T09:24:38-06:00

2 ingredient – 3 step, 100% fool-proof Crockpot Chicken

2 ingredient – 3 step, 100% fool-proof Crockpot Chicken This is the recipe we give out when someone protests that they don't know how to cook a whole chicken. It may not be gourmet, but it will taste like it, and you can't mess it up! STEP ONE: Find a 3 – 4 pound [...]

2 ingredient – 3 step, 100% fool-proof Crockpot Chicken2021-01-07T16:30:48-06:00

Hilary’s ‘Can’t Miss’ Pasta Recipe

Hilary's Famous Family Pasta Dish . . . With Mouton Sausage!!! If you're one of those folks who have never been privileged to taste pastured lamb and wonder what the hoopla is about, we're gonna let you in on the secret! Did you know that there's Lamb CAFOs? When we think [...]

Hilary’s ‘Can’t Miss’ Pasta Recipe2020-10-07T20:19:44-05:00

Sausage Swirls

Homemade for Mother's Day ...Cooking in the time of coronavirus! We've been hearing about a national shortage over the past couple of weeks. You maybe thinking, "Ah, she's going to talk about the closure of some of the country's largest meat packing plants!" Nope. But good guess. It's YEAST . . . Apparently [...]

Sausage Swirls2020-05-05T13:25:10-05:00


What type of Tailgater are YOU??? ...and our pal Ken's 'No Longer a Secret' wing recipe! We've been noticing this weird trend at market over the past couple of weeks. So many people are wearing red . . . What's up with that??? Just kidding! We totally know that it's football season and [...]


SUPER SIDES: Shredded Potato Salad

Nobody made Potato Salad like Grandma Bauman... But we try, and YOU can, too! I don’t have a clue on the history or origins of cold potato salad, but this dish has somehow, through the course of time, become an icon of summer gatherings. Unfortunately, the frequency of serving baked beans and potato salad [...]

SUPER SIDES: Shredded Potato Salad2019-08-31T11:15:51-05:00

Cottage Bacon

Move over Bacon...Cottage Bacon is coming for your BLT! Don't you just hate it when you have to try to chomp through some un-crisped bacon fat in your BLT? Or crumbling bacon for a salad...you almost have to burn the bacon before the fat is crisp enough to crumble or else you end [...]

Cottage Bacon2020-08-25T15:07:14-05:00


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