Got fresh meat? Bauman’s Mobile Meat Market does!

Our special FRESH offerings explained Got Fresh Meat? The Baumans do! Since we're the farmer AND the butcher, we are able to closely coordinate our butcher dates with market times and snag some select pasture raised cuts for the ultimate local meat experience! You've maybe heard how fresh meat is better. Of course, [...]

Got fresh meat? Bauman’s Mobile Meat Market does!2021-07-12T20:06:11-05:00

Pekin Duck: Pasture-raised with non-gmo feed

Pekin Duck: A self-basting bird extraordinare I'm not going to lie . . . Sometimes I feel like we ACTUALLY live on Old MacDonald's Farm over here. Cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks. With a moo-moo here. And a quack-quack, there. E-I-E-I-O. You get the idea. It can get a little crazy at chore time. [...]

Pekin Duck: Pasture-raised with non-gmo feed2020-07-28T12:19:06-05:00


What type of Tailgater are YOU??? ...and our pal Ken's 'No Longer a Secret' wing recipe! We've been noticing this weird trend at market over the past couple of weeks. So many people are wearing red . . . What's up with that??? Just kidding! We totally know that it's football season and [...]



ENERGIZE yourself with an all-natural caffeine...introducing Bauman's Cold-Brew Coffee! I must confess that the first coffee I ever tasted that I actually liked was in Uganda. I had NO idea that good coffee isn't bitter! Little did I know what that first sip would lead to . . . We bet you're wondering [...]

COLD-BREW COFFEE2019-07-19T13:41:57-05:00

Cottage Bacon

Move over Bacon...Cottage Bacon is coming for your BLT! Don't you just hate it when you have to try to chomp through some un-crisped bacon fat in your BLT? Or crumbling bacon for a almost have to burn the bacon before the fat is crisp enough to crumble or else you end [...]

Cottage Bacon2020-08-25T15:07:14-05:00

Rosanna Goes to Germany: The story behind the newest Bauman Bratwurst

One of my fondest memories of my time in Germany is sitting in the sun eating my Regensburger brat, feet dangling over the Danube, with my back to the ancient German city. The path to that experience is pretty interesting in and of itself. Read on about my visit to Regensburg during my first [...]

Rosanna Goes to Germany: The story behind the newest Bauman Bratwurst2021-05-30T19:14:55-05:00


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