April 26, 2022

Our prices will rise soon, but this won’t be because of the Avian Bird Flu!

I just received a photo from my friend Jill that completely shocked me! The snapped picture was of completely bare shelves in an Overland Park meat department. You’re possibly not surprised, you’ve been seeing this for a while, but I tend to get buried in farmwork and actually don’t spend much time in the grocery stores. That photo was in large contrast to my freezer on the farm!

Meat Department of an Overland Park, Kansas Grocery Store   Bauman's Cedar Valley Farms' Freezer Stock

Here at the Bauman Farms, we didn’t know there was an egg crisis until we delivered eggs to a rural grocery. They had a sign posted, apologizing for the egg shortage and price increases. Then friends started sending us photos of supermarket shelves bare of eggs, and quoting prices of confinement eggs that rivaled our non-GMO egg prices…. did the big guys know something we didn’t? Not exactly.

The biggest reason is that animal health issues/diseases, supply & demand, and economic events across the globe are amplified in large operation processing. Now we aren’t immune to the repercussions of world events here at Cedar Valley Farms, but this is a prime example of how small farms are short supply chains are more insulated than the big players. In the upcoming emails I’ll share the details on how that happens, but today we want to focus on what the largest input increase has been for us at Bauman’s Cedar Valley Farms. By a super-majority, the winner is:
24% Increase in Grain Costs!

You probably remember that we Bauman’s raise our own non-GMO grains and mill it right here on the farm. Beyond the benefits of traceability and quality control, we love it because of the price stability. Corn and Soybeans are commodities traded on the stock exchange and thus influenced by all the speculation and futures trading that none of us truly understand. We are much more insulated from the daily price fluctuations here at Cedar Valley Farms because we typically only “buy” our grains from ourselves at harvest.

Once a year, we fill our storage bins with enough grain to get us through till the next harvest. The excess we then sell. The only times we have to make mid-season price adjustments is when things get crazy out there. If the price of the grains goes up significantly during the year, we have to charge ourselves some of the “missed opportunity cost”. Otherwise, our banker gets a little grumpy. As you’ve probably heard that these last 12 months, grain prices were steadily rising… our grain’s value has increased by 24%! Even our pasture-raised birds still eat a 75% grain diet.

However, we take pride in never encouraging panic buying.
“Stock your family’s freezer” – Yes!
“Buy now because you don’t think you’ll be able to access it later?” – Nope.

That’s why we’re here, folks. Our family is committed to feeding you, consistently. We never ran out of meat during the early days of the 2020 meat shortage. We’ve applied lessons learned from that, and have even made our farm more resilient. We’ll always tell you the truth about our meat supply projections.


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In 30 days, the first of this season’s chickens will be processed at Cedar Valley Farms. These birds coming up for processing have been eating more expensive grain, the price impact results have yet to be calculated. Your best buy is the chicken we have in the freezer now. And stockpiling actually works with a Bauman bird! Our meat packaging is such high quality, our poultry can last for 2+ years!

Buying in Bulk also has savings for the farm! Our labor and card processing fees are reduced if we can process larger orders. You’ve all seen our bulk orders of half beef, pork, and lamb. Well, I’ve finally put together some chicken bundles!
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