May 11, 2022

Youngest Bauman Watching Over the Birds

Avian Flu vs the Bauman Birds.

Poultry holds a very special significance for us Baumans. It’s what we built Cedar Valley Farms on way back in 2001 when we jumped with both feet into farming with a ludicrous combination of 40-year-old parents, six young kids, no farming experience to speak of, and only 160 acres of land. Our birds are pasture-raised and non-GMO fed right here on our farm in Garnett, KS and hand-butchered in our USDA-inspected on-farm poultry processing facility.

The Avian Bird Flu has been a hot topic for the news with this year’s outbreak. Below we will detail what this means here for Bauman Birds and in a second part to follow, we will explore with you what risk that migratory fowl pose to pastured poultry health. Rest assured, we’re on top of it!

Are the Bauman Birds at risk of Avian Flu?

As the caretakers of our flocks, we haven’t lost any sleep over concerns about this flu decimating our flocks.
That’s not to say that there’s no risk. There is a risk that our birds could be exposed to this flu. Good health management practices for our flock are what allow us to sleep at night.

Clean Air

We all know that fresh air and exercise are vital to health, whether poultry or people. We’ve all seen this illustrated recently as countries around the world responded to the spread of Covid

Did you know that the majority of the poultry euthanizing occurs at large-scale farms where the birds are crammed INDOORS with a population of 50,000 other birds?

And yet, some egg companies are proposing that the best way to reduce their risk of contagion is to remove the hens outside access! In this article, Bird flu drives free-range hens indoors to protect poultry, a ” free-range” egg company shares their plans to revoke the recess sessions for their hens. In this article, you’ll also hear my friend Mike give his take on outdoor access for poultry in times of viral spread. Mike is the Executive Director of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association.

As a Board Member of APPPA, I have participated in many discussions on this topic.
If you (or a friend) have a small flock of backyard birds, you may want to check out the Avian Bird Flu Resource Center from Apppa which offers guidance for small flock owners to increase their flock immunity and decrease risk factors.

Consumer demand has increased the size of the Free Range egg market. In eggs, especially, we can detect both flavor and color improvements from eggs raised in more natural settings. But, what happens when these naturally raised, free-range eggs meet up with another force of nature? In tomorrow’s report, we’ll explore what risk migratory fowl pose to pastured poultry health!



Eggs are selling faster than ever: the rising prices in stores have caused some supermarket shoppers to check out the farmer’s markets.
Attendance at our farmer’s markets is at an all-time high!

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