2 ingredient – 3 step, 100% fool-proof Crockpot Chicken

This is the recipe we give out when someone protests that they don’t know how to cook a whole chicken.
It may not be gourmet, but it will taste like it, and you can’t mess it up!

STEP ONE: Find a 3 – 4 pound whole chicken, preferably one that has had access to green grass, fresh air and wide-open spaces.

STEP TWO: If the chicken if frozen turn the crock on high, if the bird is thawed, use the low setting. Pour an entire bottle of one of your favorite  sauces over the chicken. This can be a barbecue sauce, Jelly, raspberry chipotle sauce, peanut butter, or anything else you are brave enough to try.

STEP THREE: Pull the bird out of the crock pot after 3 – 5 hours, or when it tests done. You can do this by meat thermometer (165 degrees), a knife (juices run clear), or if you have a tender, pasture-raised bird you can test it for doneness like we do. The chicken’s done  cookin’ when the leg bone can be pulled out of the drumstick meat with a very light touch. Getting it out of the crockpot is the biggest challenge because our chicken is so tender it literally will fall off the bone!